Overnight Newborn Care in Milwaukee

The nights are long with a newborn who doesn't know the difference between day and night. And the days after are even longer. Discover what it's like to have a baby and feel refreshed and rested at the same time with our overnight infant care doulas lending a hand!

  • Bottle feeding

  • Breastfeeding friendly

  • Feeding & diapering logs

  • Burping & swaddling

  • Tender loving care for your special little one!

Sleep deprivation is a huge problem in our society - especially among the new parent crowd. This detrimental lifestyle doesn't have to be a part of your story. Because you know that your baby deserves to be cared for by alert, patient, and well rested parents, you will love having a professional overnight doula to ensure that your memories of the baby stages are sweet, and not a blur of exhaustion and tears.

Our specialists are well-trained and devoted to caring for your baby with skill and gentleness. They will get to know how your family ticks, so they can provide care just like you yourself would. And when we're ready to say good morning and goodbye, you'll feel great knowing that your family is in the best hands and getting the right amount of quality rest.

Ready to discuss your overnight infant care needs? Contact Michelle, and we'll walk through your care options to choose the package that fits your family best.