Daytime Postpartum Doulas in Milwaukee

Babies may be adorable, but they sure require a lot of maintenance.

You will still be sore, groggy, and recovering from the mighty task of giving birth when they hand you a baby and some mesh panties and say "goodbye and good luck!" You'll be trying to navigate the routine of breastfeeding or making bottles several times a night, learning what each of your baby's cries means - and all through the haze of postpartum hormone fluctuations and little sleep.

What kinds of memories could you have of this precious time if you were properly supported, cared for, listened to, and guided along each day?

That's what we do.

Our postpartum doulas and newborn care specialists are available to help you make each day with your baby as happy and meaningful as you've always wanted. From showing you all the little tips and tricks on diapering, bathing, and swaddling; to keeping your home running smoothly with errands, meal prep, and light chores; to being there for you when recovery or feeding is challenging, you'll never have to struggle through the transition of welcoming a new baby.

Our society is tough on new parents. Rates of postpartum depression are sky-high, and most of us don't have supportive family in town. With us by your side, you can bypass the isolation and exhaustion of new parenthood - because you know your baby deserves it.

I need this!

Simple: you'll select a package of hours, to be used according to your desired schedule once your baby is born. Click the button below to schedule an initial phone consultation with our family care coordinator. Michelle will walk you through the booking process, and help you determine what type of care package would be most ideal for your family's unique needs.


Our specialists are...

  • Professional and Friendly

  • Experienced and Unbiased

  • CPR/First Aid Certified

  • Insured

  • Background Checked