I've Had Kids Before, So Why Do I Need a Postpartum Doula?

Postpartum Doula for Multiple Kids.png

Little by little, the population of the Milwaukee area is starting to learn more about postpartum doulas: who we are, what we do, and how we improve the lives of new parents by supporting and guiding them through those rough early days and nights. However, one misconception still stands: some parents feel that, because they have already had at least one child and they are already somewhat familiar with the process, a postpartum doula would be moot. As experienced postpartum doulas, here's why we think you will love our services – no matter how many children you have.

Every Baby is Unique

You could have ten babies, and each one could throw you for a different loop. While your first baby may have slept through the night and cooed sweetly during each day, those notorious second babies like to come in and duck things up. They have their unique quirks – breastfeeding difficulties, tongue ties, colic, sleeping difficulties, reflux – you just never know what issues each individual baby may present with, making the newborn period more stressful and putting you in need of extra support.

Your Firstborn Will Lose Their Mind

Your firstborn may be sweet as sugar, but when you add a new sibling to the mix it's like all their little alarm bells go off. Meltdowns, aggression toward the baby, and regression in talking, manners, potty training, etc. are very common when becoming a big sister or brother. Don't worry, it doesn't last forever, and they'll probably end up great friends. But an extra dose of support to reduce stress – especially around naptime and bedtime – will help your whole family have a more pleasant and peaceful transition to a fuller household.

Your Kids Benefit From Support Too

Older siblings also gain a lot of benefits from having an objective and experienced professional support person around. They may have a lot of questions about birth, babies, and how it all works. They may struggle with having their parents spend so much time catering to the new baby, and need extra attention and a helping hand. Postpartum doulas are there to support the whole family, and are always happy to provide age-appropriate conversation and explanations, play games, fetch snacks, and keep everyone trucking along happily.

If You Thought You Were Tired the First Time…

As you have now noticed, the tiredness didn't exactly go away once your first babies grew up a little. Now you have preschoolers, toddlers, and a newborn and you're a little (or a lot) frazzled. Having a postpartum doula around during the day means you get to sneak a little coveted me time while the offspring are supervised – and during the night, you can catch up on six years' worth of sleep while the baby (or perhaps even your still-night-waking-toddler) is in the absolute best hands.

Postpartum doulas are not just for one stereotypical first-time parent. Postpartum doulas are there to support, guide, listen, and ultimately make your life as a parent run more smoothly with more peace and less stress. And that's something that everyone can benefit from – whether this is your first rodeo or your fifth.