Are Baby Nurses Still a Thing?


Are Baby Nurses Still a Thing?


Your baby is here and you're exhausted. Your partner fell asleep at their desk and you put the milk in the pantry. You vent to a friend and they have some seemingly solid advice for you: just call a baby nurse, they'll come make it all go away!


But is a baby nurse still a thing in Milwaukee?


These folks go by many names. Baby nurse, night nurse, night nanny – they're all used pretty interchangeably to describe a neighborhood wise woman who comes to your house at night and takes care of the baby so you can get some decent sleep at last. As many Milwaukee night nannies and babysitters are young people in transitional periods, or busy grandmas, there is typically a lot of turnover and the person your friend used may not necessarily still be offering services. A postpartum doula is different.

A postpartum doula helps instill strength and confidence into new parents. By providing expert, unbiased guidance and support in infant care and feeding, sleep, recovery from childbirth, postpartum depression and anxiety, and household needs, the postpartum doula can help a new family truly thrive instead of merely survive.
— Family Care Coordinator


Why can't I find a night nanny in Milwaukee?


We like the general concept of a baby nurse or night nanny, but parents want and need more. After being in the business of professional postpartum and infant care for over a decade, we've learned exactly what Milwaukee parents desire from their newborn care specialist:


  • Credentials. As professionally trained postpartum doulas, we didn't just decide to hold babies for money because it was fun. We are passionate about supporting the mental and physical wellness of families during the childbearing year, and have received specific training on communication, postpartum depression and anxiety, infant feeding and sleep, household management, first aid, and much more – and we can produce documentation if desired.

  • Unbiased support. Postpartum doulas are trained to support the parents' unique plans and goals for raising their baby. Whether home birth or hospital birth, cloth diaper or disposable, breast fed or bottle fed, we come to you ready to receive your instructions and desires for care – not to push our own ideas or personal experiences off onto you.

  • Reliability. Professional postpartum doulas build a career out of caring for families, and won't call off your scheduled shift an hour before it starts because they found something better to do. With Milwaukee Newborn Care, you are assured of receiving the excellent care you requested.

  • Experienced. Milwaukee Newborn Care's postpartum doulas and newborn care specialists have been vetted and hand-picked by the Family Care Coordinator with their professional experience, training, and character in mind.


Milwaukee Newborn Care is here to stay, and our dedication to providing excellence in family care shines into each home we are honored to serve.


So the next time someone mentions hiring a Milwaukee night nurse or baby nurse to help a sleep deprived new parent, you'll know that what they're really looking for is a professional postpartum doula who can provide total peace of mind at night while supporting whole family wellness!