What is Milwaukee Newborn Care?

Experienced postpartum doula Michelle Ellinger was a woman with a vision. As the leading provider of postpartum and infant care in Madison, WI for over 12 years, she saw firsthand the power of one on one in-home support for new families by a caring and skilled professional. Realizing that the greater Milwaukee area was in need of this resource, she expanded her service area with Madison Newborn Care's sister brand: Milwaukee Newborn Care.

The Milwaukee Newborn Care team is made up of only the finest affiliated postpartum doulas and Newborn Care Specialists, personally vetted by Michelle for training credentials, experience, and friendly and nonjudgmental personalities.

Michelle Ellinger, owner of Milwaukee Newborn Care

Michelle Ellinger, owner of Milwaukee Newborn Care


What can Milwaukee Newborn Care Do for You?

If you are a parent who desires to get off to the very best start with your new baby, we have just the thing for you.


Your postpartum doula will arrive to your home and help you evaluate your priorities for care. From day to day you may need assistance or support with recovery from childbirth, learning your new baby's cues, creating and implementing plans for feeding and sleeping, traveling to doctor appointments, or taking care of meal prep and household necessities. You may have your postpartum doula at your side from as little as a few days to help you get adjusted, or ongoing weeks to months to keep your little family a well-oiled machine day in and day out.


Your postpartum doula will arrive in the evening and stay until early morning to ensure a refreshing night of sleep for your family. Be the alert parent your baby needs each day while our specialists burp, change, and rock your little one sweetly to sleep. Breastfeeding friendly. You may have your overnight postpartum doula for occasional nights, or ongoing throughout your parenting journey. Especially helpful for parents of multiples!

How Does it Work?

The first step is to contact Michelle, the owner and family coordinator at Milwaukee Newborn Care. Michelle will personally get in touch with you to help determine the care package that is right for you, and match you with a postpartum and newborn specialist who is perfect for your family. Get excited - help is on the way!